A new beta version (4.00.1091) is available

#####Download link

#####How to upgrade
Download the zip file, extract it, and overwrite your previous beta version. If you have any trouble replacing ListaryHook.dll*, just skip it.

#####Change log (v1087)

  • New: Listary now has its own disk search implementation. Everything is no longer needed.
  • New: Total Commander directory menu support is back
  • New: Submenu support in Total Commander directory menu
  • Improved: Sort auto expanded subfolders

#####Change log (v1091)

  • Fixed: Disk search doesn’t work with fuzzy matching
  • Fixed: Crash if Options dialog is open when exit Listary
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Hello Channing,

thank you for this nice christmas gift !!!

Listary is very, very nice :slight_smile:

Yours Olaf

Hello Channing,

awesome work! Thank you very much.
Unfortunately Total Commander integration (Win+O twice) does not work for me with TC 8.01 x64. But it does work with TC 8.01 x86.


Thanks for reporting. I’ll work on this soon.

Thanks for the Xmas present of the new beta. I totally agree with your logic over removing everything from listary, as it was a bit of a pain as well as a potential bottleneck to listary’s efficiency and like your strategy of focusing on improving the disk search routines.