A few suggestions coming from a competing product

So I edited the json file manually and was able to create a large amount of shortcuts this way. However, still feels very clunky to do this compared to the ease of an alias file like Find and Run Robot. If you haven’t used this before, it makes it easy to do a initial regex match and then a secondary match inside the alias group, and is basically just a text file with Name | Launch command. This makes it very intuitive.

I wrote a blog article on this a while back to explain the basics if you want to examine. I think the alias flexibility is something that would help take Listary to the next level. http://sqlbarbarian.com/2015/01/dev-tools-file-search-2/

I’d also say that the indexing/ease of use with Listary would make it one of the the top dogs in this field with

  1. Improved communication
  2. Small incremental releases as features are added. The whole project feels dead, so as much as I want to recommend, it’s a lot of “coming soon”.
  3. Consider some basic scoring on items like Find and Run Robot does. Recent launches or regex matches can add or remove scoring to help you eliminate types of files you don’t want to see or files you always want at the top.

Thank you very much for your feedback. I read your blog post and tested FARR carefully again. Group Alias and the using of regex as triggers are great idea. I’ll reconsider some decisions I’ve made.