A few enhancements


a few feature suggestions:

  1. Favorites - Creating folders: If we create a folder in the “Favorites” tab and add the ampersand to one of it’s chars (e.g.: ) then it shouldn’t display the ampersand sign when the folder / menu is expanded (to show it’s entries).

  2. Please allow us to use environment variables in folder names, too.

    would resolve to a menu entry called (on my computer) “Highend” and the “H” would be underlined because of ampersand in front of the environment variable.

  3. Please add the option to choose an icon for an entry (folder / menu / file). That would allow us to use drive icons or icons for special folders like “own pictures | own music” (for your user folder, etc.). It would be nice if it supports an icon index. The result could look like this:
    <Item Name=“&Outlook” Type=“Folder” Path=“D:\Users%username%\Outlook” Icon=“%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office 2010\Office14\OUTLOOK.EXE”,8 HotKey=“0”/>
    Which would display the 8th icon from the outlook.exe file for this folder.


Hello highend,

Thank you very much for the suggestions!

  1. I’ll fix this in Listary 4.
  2. Added to the plan with a low priority.
  3. This has already been (partly) implemented in Listary 4. Currently it supports using an ico/png file as menu icon, but I’ll definitely add the icon index support.

Hi channing,

damn, my post doesn’t contain the xml entries that I put in as examples… but anyway, it seems, you got everything that I proposed :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

damn, my post doesn't contain the xml entries that I put in as examples... but anyway, it seems, you got everything that I proposed :)

Sorry that this is a “feature” (I would call it a bug instead) of the forum software. Your xml entries were recognized as html entries, and then they were hidden automatically. Don’t worry, I’ve read your original post :slight_smile: