6.3 suggestion "file search"

I like file search window, but I miss being able to press the “show listary” shortcut key and being able to close listary

I think at least there should be something to prevent opening multiple “file search”, I suggest next behaviour

1rst press: “show listary” key: open listary search bar
2nd press: open file search
3rd press: close file search

or maybe file search should be assigned to a different key combination, I think it’s useful but I don’t think I’ll use it so much to worth a key combination and will mainly access it by rightclicking it on taskbar

I use the Caps key for starting and Ctrl Caps for searching.Use a 3-rd party app for that.
I find the search capability (beta) fantastic. It’s really a time saver to have a useful recently used view on all my files.
A few other suggestions:

  • A settings option for a default setting of the recently modified time window: I’s like to switch such an option between last 1 day and last 7 days. Or perhaps the last one used as default time window.
  • Keep the search field content filled out like the result of the last search
  • Perhaps keep all results of the last search displayed when firing in a new one
  • Size of the search window like the last time used, which is default for many win 11 apps I believe
  • An icon before every search result line to open the folder of that file.