🎉 beta released

:wave:Hello Everyone, we are so excited to announce a new update for Listary with several exciting features and improvements.

Download: https://www.listary.com/download/beta/Listary.exe

:partying_face:Main Updates

  • New: Application Integration Plugins
  • New: WinRAR Integration
    • We provide WinRAR integration, based on the open mechanism, and plan to continue increasing the number of integrated applications with the help of the community.
  • New: “How to use Listary” Tutorial
    • We added an interactive tutorial to help users understand Listary’s shortcut keys, search function, and folder Quick Switch feature.

:partying_face:Other Updates

  • Improved: Quick Switch now remains open.
  • Improved: Improve the stability of Ctrl-Ctrl.
  • Fixed: Fix incomplete action list in Options.

I like this new version.
Please add the same buttons (Favorites, History, )as shown in the Quick Switch dialog
to the Pop-up after a Ctrl Ctrl on the desktop or in a file manager

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Please add as default ping command.

I agree with this request/suggestion, I thought that I had somehow messed up installing the latest version or had some software conflict when I saw that this was missing when invoking listary in XYplorer.

Thanks! Do I understand correctly that someone would have to write a plugin to make SpeedCommander integration possible again?

Try to add SpeedCommander.exe to the Features / Integration settings.
Or you can try to press CTRL CTRL while in a SpeedCommander windows.
May be Listary will ask you if support should be added.

I had already tried that, but nothing happens. Ctrl Ctrl results in the normal “global” search box, and clicking a SC window does not change the current directory of an “Open File” dialog, either (like it does with an Explorer window, and as it used to do in the previous Listary version).

Can we remove case sensitivity for Keywords in Web Search.

In the previous iterations it did not matter if I typed my keyword “Google” or “google”, now I have to be very specific with my cases.

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I think so too, I don’t think such a strict case screening is necessary

Bug: On windows 11 when using middle mouse click to open the Listary menu it will often flicker the menu on/off.

There is some fix for this according to the announcement of version
Update and try it.

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.1635)
Listary Pro

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For a long time now i would love to switch from V5 to 6, but its still missing one really important feature from 5. Its the Action Context Menu (by pressing right arrow key) when searching files from within an applications open file dialog.

For example I wanna open a file in Photoshop, the open file dialog shows up. I search for the file, but then do not want the file but go to the folder this files is in. Usually in V5, i can just press right key and select open folder (Ordner öffnen). This is completely missing in V6. Or do i miss something?

For me this is one of the most essential use cases.
The screenshot below is from version 5 where you can see those Actions. In V6 its missing.

You can press Ctrl+Enter to open the folder.

Does anyone have the executable for beta version that you can share? I need it, please