3.51.776 to 4.01.1175, now Listary won't start with Windows

Hi, I am new to the discussions. Not sure if this should be a bug or a question, but I had been happily using Listary 3.51.776 which would start with Windows 7 (Win7 Professional, using an administrator account,) but having updated to version 4.01.1175 today, Listary no longer starts with Windows. (It also prompts me with a Windows UAC prompt, something I don’t remember from before, although I might have had UAC turned off in the past.)

Thanks in advance for your guidance!

Hello, please try the following steps:

  1. Download the latest beta version here
  2. Open Listary Options - General.
  3. Uncheck “Start Listary when Windows starts”, click Apply.
  4. Check “Start Listary when Windows starts” again, click Apply.

The beta version is loading with Windows startup. Thanks for the assistance :slight_smile: