Please, make it READ INSIDE documents (txt, pdf, xlsx, msg, eml, rtf, html,


I am really happy with this Pro version you reached so far…
…but the lack of it is that I’ll have to buy Copernic, too…


Thank you for your feedback. Though there is no plan to fully support content searching in Listary, I may consider adding a simplified text searching feature.


I hate to be the naysayer, but I really don’t want this. Simple text searching would definitely be appreciated, but no more than that. Also, give user option to turn off.

I worry about “result fatigue”. I have so much (organized) crap on computer that a feature like this would my brain vomit. :frowning:


No worries here. Even if I add it, you’ll have to turn it on manually for each search like using a content: keyword.


That will be really nice, Channing !!! :slight_smile: