XYplorer v11 and find-as-you-type feature

The find-as-you-type feature doesn’t seem to be working with XYplorer v11. Is there something I can do to get it to work or do you have make an adjustment in Listary?

Hello omega5555,

Sorry that find-as-you-type doesn’t support XYplorer currently. I’ve figured out how to do this recently and will work on it immediately after finishing Listary 4.

I just installed v3.51.858 and it still doesn’t seem to be working with XYplorer v11.

Just to confirm it doesn’t work for me either.

This would be a really great feature as XYplorer is my main file manager and it doesn’t currently have any live filter functionality (and I love Listary’s list filter functionality )



PS Any ETA on Listary 4?

Sorry that v3.51.858 only adds favorite and quick switch (find-as-you-type is not included) support for XYplorer 11.

PS Any ETA on Listary 4?
I'm currently behind the plan. It should have been released a week ago, but I'm still having a little trouble with the user interface...

Glad to hear that you would support find-as-you-type on Listary. Listary is becoming good day by day. Hearty thanks to you. BTW please let us know when can we expect the release of Version 4. Thank you.