XYPlorer - Listary integeration

Hi Channing,
Listary pro latest version integertaed vey well with Xplorer2. “Find as you type” is working great even without “ctrl+w”. Thank you for the good work.
I also use XYPlorer in one of my laptop. But it doesn’t integrate with Listary, as “find as you type” feature is not working in XYPlorer. Kindly let me know if you can consider this option in your future releases.

I’ve been working on XYPlorer support for a long time, sorry that no progress yet :frowning:

Hi, and congratulations on an excellent program.

XYplorer is listed under Options > Compatibility (“Listary will also work with…”)

Just wondering if the line on Listary’s homepage “Famous file managers (like Total Commander, Directory Opus and xplorer2) are also supported” should be updated to include XY.

The find-as-you-type feature doesn’t seem to be working with XYplorer v11. Is there something I can do to get it to work or do you have make an adjustment in Listary?