win8 says listary needs priviledge on startup

windows 8.
listary 4.23.1728. set to start on boot.
everytime windows starts up, it needs me to confirm listary service for access permission. command line parameter is --ipc-client. do I have to click yes every time? Thanx.

Please switch to the installer version if you’re using the portable version currently. Uncheck “Start Listary when Windows starts” of the portable version before installing the installer version.

If you’re already using the installer version, try to reinstall.

one of the features i like is it’s portable. if i have to install it, then it is a big pity.

You can try to check “Run as administrator” in Listary Options - General. Note that there may be some bugs if you start Listary in this mode.

Thank you. works fine so far.