Why Listary portable version not confirm to .paf specification?

why Listary portable version not confirm to .paf format specification


As I understand it, it’s not a specification for making portable applications, it’s the specification for .paf.exe format.

Any example applications that follow the specification?

First off, Listary was already made into .paf format and is available at portableapps.com.
Bad thing is that the maintainer hasn’t updated it since v3.51.858. I haven’t seen any discussions as to why.

Secondly, there are very few portable versions of apps out there that are made in that format outside of the PA.c (portableapps.com) community.
Off the top of my head I know of only two portable versions of apps that are in .paf format but are not actually available via PA.c.
D-Fend Reloaded (front-end to DOSBox and old games) and WSCC (Windows System Control Panel - front-end to Sysinternals and Nirsoft utilities).

So really there’s no reason that Listary portable should conform to .paf.exe. No one else does. But I really do wish the maintainer (or someone) at PA.c would update the existing package. We’re now way out of sync.