Why -> and not r.click context menu?

Wonderfull software especially v4 (hope you’ve patented)
But initially before reading help I couldn’t fathom lack of context menu on search results - lots of people expect the more intuitive mouse context menu - and the power in there !
and the Q … can user change default action ?

I was also surprised when I found out that right click didn’t work.
As far as I know, Channing is working (or going to work) on the ability to scroll list with mouse wheel, so maybe further mouse improvements are also on his to-do list.

Certainly it would be nice to be able to open the folder containing a found file.

The UI part of Listary that is responsible for showing the context menu is a 32-bit application, which means that it can’t display 64-bit context menu, which also means that you’re going to miss at least 60% of the useful context menu entries on a 64-bit system…

Actions will be significantly improved soon. Hotkey support, adding custom actions, configuring orders (including selecting default action) are all on the list. You’ll never need to use context menus.


Mouse wheel support has already been added in the latest beta.


Press right-arrow key, select Open Folder.

Can the arrow key be customizable? As a lefty it’s more comfortable and habitual to hit tab to navigate instead, especially if I’ll be using my right hand to scroll occasionally with the wheel or trackpad.


It will be :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to make right-clicking on results in Listary bring up the action/context menu that is built into Listary? Pretty much like clicking right arrow on the keyboard, but just through a mouse command. That would make it really awesome. Likewise, I think it would be cool if you could re-map the middle mouse key when clicking on results to open the folder/path of the result in a new window or something else customizable. Thanks for the awesome program. :slight_smile:


These should not be hard to implement. Added to my to-do list.


Yes! That is awesome news to hear. Thank you very much. :slight_smile: