Where can I find the syntax for listary parameters?

In options->keywords->custom each custom command has parameters that you can feed it with specific syntax (e.g. for reboot: path:shutdown; parameter: /r /t 4). Another example is you can type /c {command-prompt style arguments} to pass arguments to the command prompt, and %PATH% is essentially like passing pwd. Where do I go to find out what parameters mean what? I get that many of these are specific to the app that you’re running but some seem to be listary-specific (such as the /r, /c commands, or {query}), and these are the ones that I am interested in. The online listary docs only seem to cover basic search syntax.

There is an info icon on the right side of “Parameter”. Hover your mouse over it to check all parameters supported by Listary. Everything else (like /r, /c) is app specific.