When using projects, the closest match is not on top

When you search for something and there are several files that look like it, Listary kind of puts the one that matches the most on top (though not quite always), however when you specify a Project (path) it stops doing this, and starts showing things that do have the keywords on them, but are way far off than the results without the project limit/scope

Here’s a picture of what I mean, though the system is not allowing me to put it directly (new users can’t post images"), so check it out here:


Thanks for your feedback. This bug will be fixed in the next version.

Hi @Channing, do you know if this is still in the list? I still get wonky results when using projects, where the file with the closest (or exact) match is not the very first file, and usually autogenerated files that have very long names and include part of my search in the name, are showed on top.


Sorry that I missed this bug before. It has just been fixed. Please wait for the next release :smile:

Awesome! Thanks a lot, can’t wait for it!