Web Search (like Launchy's Weby plugin)


Do you guys have any plans to add direct web search from the pop-up bar functionality?

Launchy has that feature through a plugin called Weby.

If Listary had it as well, would be amazing.

Best regards.

Yes. It will be supported in Listary 5.

Any ETA yet?

The beta version should be released within this year.

You can already do that with version 4.23 using a custom command.
Just use your browser as an external application and pass it the url as an argument.

Here’s an example:

Name:Google NCR
Display Title:NCR: {query}
Description:Search on google ncr
Path:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"

now if you type g followed by space you can do a google search with no country code active.

Would be better to have a more direct approach, but this works very well.