Variables in Custom Keywords

Hi. I’m trying to use the {custom_folder} variable in a custom Keywords parameter but it’s returning a blank value.

I’ve tested as follows:

  • create DOS batch file which runs echo %1 and pauses
  • create custom Keywords action to run the batch file with {current_folder} as a Parameter
  • run the Keyword

The console output indicated that nothing was passed. The variable is clearly defined because if I try any other value, e.g. {current_path}, just in case your tool-tip is wrong, the echo is the full text.

The {query} parameter works fine.

I know you’re working on v6 but I noticed you mentioned performance issues in the beta so I’d prefer to wait a bit.


{custom_folder} is the active folder in Explorer. It’s only available when you activate Listary in Explorer by typing directly (instead of pressing a hotkey).

V6 is actually faster than v5. There are no performance issues as I know.