Using Listary With Palemoon Browser

Recently I changed from Firefox to Palemoon browser.
Listary does not appear when I do any type of Save As… with Palemoon as it did with Firefox.
Is there anything I can do so Listary can be used with Palemoon?


Thanks for the feedback. Is it possible that you’re running Palemoon as administrator?

I do not have Palemoon set to run as administrator. So I exited it and re-started to run as administrator. Same results, Listary would not pop up.
Then I thought about Listary. I shut it down and restarted it to run as administrator and now it works with Palemoon and all other programs I’ve checked so far.
I have Listary set to start with Windows. Apparently something changed so it is not starting in administrator mode. Should have checked before writing. I’ll have to investigate why.

Thanks for your help Channing.
Said it before and will again… So glad you developed Listary!

Instead of starting a new thread I decided to revive this one since it has been happening for awhile again.
Is anyone else using Palemoon and having a problem getting Listary to come up when trying to save or open files?

Also I am not able to see Listary when opening or saving files with PDF-Xchange Editor. Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions.

Listary is working great with all other programs.


I don’t have Palemoon but Listary works fine for me with PDF-Xchange Editor Dialogs.
I have Listary 5.00.2581 and PDF-Xchange Editor 6.0 Build 320.1