Using Listary find-as-you-type with Xplorer2 v2

I have been trying to use the Listary find-as-you-type feature with Xplorer2 version However, I just cannot get it to appear. Any advice would be gratefully received.

I may have the answer to my own question! I am now thinking that the problem lies with Xplorer2. If I go to My Computer and set the Pane Style to Detail, and then restart Xplorer2 then Listary starts to work. Conversely if I go back to My Computer and set Pane Style to List, and restart Xyplorer2 then Listary no longer works. Note that the problem is not resolved by changing the Pane Style in a folder, only in My Computer.


Listary should work well as before (as with xplorer2 v1). One possible reason is that your xplorer2 instance was started by xplorer2_setup.exe which had to be run as administrator. This makes xplorer2 and Listary running with different privileges so they can’t cooperate with each other.

Simply restart xplorer2 should fix this.

Please don’t hesitate to post here if you have more questions.

Hello stewcam,

Thanks for the update. I’m looking into this problem and make sure that Listary also works while Pane style set to List.

For what it’s worth, I cannot reproduce this difficulty within x2, no matter what I try (pane styles, starting locations, et al) - and nor have there been any corresponding complaints from other users about this issue - as there normally would be.

See the OP’s verbatim thread, here:

And I mean verbatim! :slight_smile:

Thanks, see my reply in the quoted thread.


This bug may be hard to reproduce, but I’ve just improved find-as-you-type compatibility with xplorer2 anyway. Please give it a try and let me know if it works well on your system now:

Not sure what’s changed in Listary, but the bug does not show up with the latest beta version


I was trying the beta from the link you posted. It perfectly integrated with Xplorer2. Hats off :slight_smile: Great work and Thanks a lot.

I need one clarification. To install beta I don’t have to uninstall previous version of Listary from my computer right? Can I overwrite existing installation. Because when I over-installed beta in my machine it asked for a reboot. Is it normal?

No, you don’t need to uninstall the previous version. A reboot is normal because some files of Listary may be being used by another application (e.g. xplorer2) and the installer can only replace them after a reboot.


Thanks for the clarification provided. If possible could you please let me know the release date of this beta’s final stable version?

It’ll be released within this week.


This is really great! Thank you.