Updating portable version


I have a license for Listary Pro and I use the portable version. When the software is updated, I download the .ZIP file from your download page. This .ZIP archive contains a file called Config.xml with 0 bytes. It’s very easy to make a mistake and copy this file on top of your existing configuration file. It happened to me, but I had a backup of this file. If you don’t have a backup, you can start configuring Listary all over again.

Is it possible that you remove Config.xml from the archive?
Or can you add a second archive with the portable version to your download page for people who upgrade?
This version is without the 0 byte Config.xml file.

Thanks in advance for your answer.


Hello Ennovy,

Sorry for the inconvenience when updating the portable version. Currently the 0 byte Config.xml in the executable folder is all the trick to make the version portable. (Yes, you can use the installer version and copy your Config.xml to its installation folder to make it portable.)

This will be resolved in Listary 4. The version detection will be changed to use a fixed 0 byte file named portable.dat .

Thank you, that’s good news.
I am looking forward to the new version.

Can you give a hint about upcoming new features?