(UNC) Copying network path

When trying to copy the path of the directory it lists the path character (f.e. G:\Files or H:\Files). But how can you copy the real path //server name/Files in Listary? Is it possible?

Edit: I found “Copy Path” but maybe it would be a nice feature for Listary?

Hello Thomas,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ll work on this after finishing Listary 4.

Hi Channing,

that would make a great software even better! Thanks for answering!

Thomas don’t forget you can always use:

Tools > Map Network Drive

Then no such issue since it becomes another drive like any other.

PS: If not working then you probably need to verify this registry key is not broken:


If you have any “mountpoints” at that key that start with “##ipAddress” you need to delete them before you try and map a drive.

If still not working then give Network Drive Manager a try @ http://www.suncross.nl/ndm/

Personally I use Network Drive Manager, I bought it. Works great.