Too many choices

I am sure I am missing something, but can’t find a solution…

I have many drive, each with many files. Typically, I want to search for a folder which is on a different drive to the current one. That is, if I pop up Listary on the desktop the current drive is C:, but I have nothing of interest on C: since data is on D:, apps on E:, tools on G:, etc. The result is that there are 100+ results all of which are destinations on the current drive and hence not what I’m looking for.

Is there some way to specify a folder (i.e. a drive: or drive:\folder) in which to start the search? I am aware of projects, but that itsn’t appropriate.

Projects is definitely the hit. Why do you think it’s inappropriate?

Please check this link for more details:

Projects aren’t appropriate because I would need to set up a project for each drive to start with. Then /before I know what I want to search/ I need to set up a project for that one-off search of the Windows folder. There are just too many possibilities to even think about making a project for each, and after all that the one I want to do now won’t be set up.

Projects are cool for some things, and I have 3 set up so far, but not for ad-hoc restrictions.

Constructively, how about if a backslash appears in the search text (for instance, d:\projinfo) then that causes the text to be used as a virtual project. So I could type “d:\projinfo usb” and it would find d:\projinfo\USB, d:\projinfo\USB\spec, d:\projinfo\connectors\USB, etc.

Just type d:\projinfo (you only need to type the first few letters and use Tab to autocomplete), press Enter, and then type usb to search. You will get d:\projinfo\USB, d:\projinfo\USB\spec and d:\projinfo\connectors\USB listed on top of the results.

OK! That’s the bit I was missing, thanks - mentally I was thinking of a kind of one-step method whereas what’s going on here is firstly popping up the filemanager at the folder to search, and then doing the search.

Unfortunately, the second step fails for me now because of the DOpus problem, but I am hopeful that’s a temporary thing and I know what’s meant to happen now.