The Minutia of the Multiples

Using the "find as you type" approach,  Listary conveniently highlights/focuses the current item in the listview (targed by <Up>/<Down>) - but is it possible to highlight/select more than one?

For instance, typing .mp3 obviously brings up all the mp3's in a listview, but I can only highlight one at a time - if I want to delete (for example) all of them, I need to use other means of selecting them en masse.  Maybe holding down the <Ctrl> key could instigate a soft-lock on a particular highlight allowing one to go on to the next - or maybe using the <Left>/<Right> keys (as they don't appear to be used anyway).

Technically, this could be incorporated into the custom commands as well, wherein instead of being limited to a %file% (singular) selection, one could have a %files% (multiple) variable available.

Just an idea. :)

And, while I'm at it, I should add that when a system DPI above 100% is used (such as "medium" - 125%), the overlap of the listview on the toolbar is a bit annoying for lower-case font-descender display.  If the window overlap is there as a purely aesthetic notion, perhaps shifting it down a few pixels wouldn't hurt?  (Being a big fan of the earlier Listary versions - namely the less-posh "2.x" builds - this wasn't an issue).

(Yeah, using .gpq as an extension is an extreme example, but you get the idea.)

Hello Kilmatead,

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Yes, a multi-selection mode would be handy. You can type something like “#.mp3” (use a leading special character to indicate multi-selection mode), and Listary will select all mp3 files for you. Then you can press ESC to hide Listary and use Ctrl key to make small changes to the selection. I’ve added this to my to-do list.

Could you please give a few examples for the use of %files% ? Passing multiple paths as a parameter is so complex in Windows, every program has its own format.

I’ll fix the DPI bug in the next version and keep you updated.

Thanks for considering multiple-selections - I’m not sure about the ‘#’ character necessity (it seems clunky) - I’m more partial to the idea of toggling individual objects just by hitting <Left> or something, as one is using the arrow keys for navigation anyway.  But, it’s your horse, so you get to choose the colour of her hair. :slight_smile:

As for the %files% token - the (more or less standard) means of passing multiple arguments to utilities is to encase them in quotes separated by spaces, so you can either do:

Utility.exe “%file1%” “%file2%” (…and so on, or…)
Utility.exe %files%

…which Listary would then send all selections to the utility as a concatenated string more or less in the format of the first example (just automatic, rather than manual).  If you really wanted to be snazzy you could add a %list% token which would send the selections as a CRLF-separated temporary file of full filepathnames for those utilities (like Irfanview) which can use listfiles.  But that’s only really necessary for hundreds of selections wherein the command-line gets truncated if too many characters are submitted- it’s just a logical extension to the original idea.  By allowing custom-commands, you open yourself up to this sort of Pandora’s Box of suggestions. :slight_smile:

While I’m at it, I might add that the command-editor could use a touch-up - for instance the check-mark button doesn’t actually seem like a “button” proper, so it didn’t even dawn on me to click it.  Why can’t just hitting <Enter> (or clicking <Ok>) when editing the command-line of a custom-command be the equivalent of clicking the psuedo-button (that looks out of place anyway)?  Took me a few tries to figure out why my edits weren’t “sticking”.

(And à propos de rien, this forum editor is officially evil!  Just joking, but you know what I mean…)

I’ve decided to let Listary take over Ctrl while showing search results. You can then use Ctrl (maybe also Shift) to select multiple entries in search results in the same way as in a standard list. This needs some extra work (since the search results list is actually a menu which allows only one item to be selected). I’ll work on it after finishing some more important features for Listary 4.

%files% (in the format “%file1%” “%file2%”) will be available in the next version.

Why can't just hitting (or clicking ) when editing the command-line of a custom-command be the equivalent of clicking the psuedo-button (that looks out of place anyway)?
Yes, the OK button of Options dialog should be enough. I'll remove these confusing per item confirm buttons.

I’ve changed the forum editor to a much simpler but more comfortable one. Let’s stay with this evil forum a little longer :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot - we’ll have you coding your own file-manager in no time. :wink:

%files% support has been added in the latest version (not visible in the UI yet). The DPI bug has also been fixed.

Since the Options dialog will be totally redesigned in Listary 4, I didn’t change the OK button for commands.

Agree on multi-file selection. #.png can work like you described (now it doesn’t), seems like an easy and fast way to select only files you need.