Stop left arrow from closing listary bar?

to correct typos I usually use the left arrow, but in Listary it completely closes the search bar, which gets frustrating =)

Any way to stop it from closing listary, and let it just move the carat as it normally does?


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Check this version:

Well, that beta (4.20.1468) only behaves properly after using Win+S, still not in the “find as you type in Explorer” field?

@Channing Thanks for the Update!

I was also very frustrated with Listary closing when you pressed back, and the beta seems to have fix that… except that it takes it a little too far.

The problem is that now when you search for something, then press Right Key, you can’t go back to the list of files with LEFT, you have to use ESC.

Since there is no writing involved in the context menu options, it makes sense to have the Left key take you back to the File List.

I’m working on a fix for this now.