Some suggestions

Hi Channing, if that is OK to you, I want to apport some suggestions that it may be useful for others folks:

  1. Ctrl + Enter to open containing folder for selected item.
  2. A button in the bar that shows all the disks and devices currently connected (as some kind of favorites)
  3. Export current result to Directory Opus collection.
  4. Can Listary recognizes what app (window) is on front? I mean which is the active one, so if possible with a hotkey can open the selected item in the active program (of course if is a file and whenever is reasonable).

Thanks for your suggestions.

  1. Added to my to-do list.
  2. I’ll add a special “This PC” item and you can add it to the toolbar manually.
  3. Already on my to-do list.
  4. Unfortunately Listary doesn’t support this.