[solved] Xyplorer Live Filter Box and Listary popup menu

Hi Channing, I know that xyplorer has been a continued pain for you, but I’m hoping a couple of things can be fixed. I’m posing this on the xyplorer forums too. There are several posts here regarding the “Find as you type” feature. This is not really a feature I use. I mostly use Listary for its quick folder navigation abilities. I find that the Listary popup menu won’t trigger in xyplorer, unless I (1) kill Listary, (2) launch xy, then (3) re-launch Listary. And once I get the popup menu working, if the Live Filter Search Box in xy is displayed, then Listary can’t navigate to folders from within xy. It erroneously pastes the folderpath into the Live Filter Search Box.

Hope that makes sense, and again, sorry for the extra work.
Listary 5.00.2843
XY 19.19.0112
Win 10.

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Thanks for sharing this!

Hey I installed the Listary Beta These xy problems seem to be fixed! Very cool!