Smarter search system

First of all, I like listary. It’s a good software.
But It would be great if search was smarter.

Here comes some ideas :

  • Add fuzzy search :correct mistakes and suggest
  • Consider slash as antislash: typing “music/classical” would be considered as “music\classical” path.
  • Do not have to enter antislash to find a subfolder : if I type “music classical”, It would find “music\classical” folder.
  • Give priority to some drive and folders in results

It will ask for work but it would be nice. What do you think ?

By the way when do you plan to release a new version ?

Best regards


Hi, thanks for the suggestions.

The new beta is planned to be released later next month. The following related features will be available in it:

  • Configuring folder/file type priorities.
  • Configuring slash/backslash for path searching.

I’m also considering adding #3 & #1, but there are still some performance bottlenecks to tackle.


Cool ! Yeah I know that #1 and #3 will not be easy to implement for keeping good performance but It would be great if these features was added with success.

Thanks for your quick reply Channing.