Shift-Home (End) support in quick search field

When launching it via win-w and typing a filename, I can’t return to the beginning with shift-home command to re-type in case of mistake. Now the only way I found is tapping backspace multiple times which is time-consuming and sort of defeats the purpose. Am I doing it wrong? How do you think it should behave? For example, if I type something like “idntity” of course it says nothing found but to change that to “identity” is a very long process now, usually I would just shift-home and retype the word.

Also, when you correct a typo in the middle of a word, you can’t return to the end by hitting End key.
Try shift+ctrl+left/right as a workaround.

But of course this behavior should be changed.

Hello @AnthonyJones

Thank you very much for your suggestion. Home key and End key are currently used to jump to the top and bottom of the search results list, so Shift-Home doesn’t work. I agree they would be more useful if they work in the normal way (jump to the beginning/end of typed search term) here. I’ll change this in Listary 4.

P.S. In your situation, I personally would hit Esc and Win-W again to start a new search.