Search path! Listary beta 4.20.1487


Regarding the wrong working dir of batch files, please see the screenshot




Thanks for the information. I’ll test it.

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@Channing: Shortcuts can’t set ctrl+ctrl it’s so easy way to search 快捷键能设置成 ctrl+ctrl 吗? 这种很方便,但是不支持.

@zhenglongqi 曾经考虑过,但是太容易冲突了。

I’m using Lauchy with Windows + A and Listary with Windows + S. If I want to activate the Launch Apps mode of Listary I have to press Windows + S twice. It would be great to have an extra shortcut to trigger Launch Apps mode directly e.g. with Windows + A. So I could replace Launchy.

Additionally it would be nice if Listary would remember the last input as Launchy does. Sometimes I call repetitive batch files via Launchy and all I have to do is to press Windows + A and then Enter. With Listary I have to type the name of the batch file again.

@martin Listary should remember the last mode. The second time you press Win + S Listary will work in Launch Apps mode directly.

Searching history is definitely something I should work on. It will be added :smile:

Thanks for your hard work, awesome improvements.

Would it be possible to make it also match when search words contain spaces.

Example: [link][1]


Try world\of\tanks\modpa. Any word ends with \ is considered part of the path. You can also type modpa world\tank\

Ok, that works, didn’t try to do it like that.

Looks like a search path + fuzzy search bug:

File’s path:

Trying to find it in Listary:
“temp\fe\10” - works well, the file is shown.
“temp\fe\10gra” - doesn’t work, the file is not found by Listary