Search current and sub folders only

When I type to search in Listary I only want to see items in the current folder or its subfolders. Not Global. I understand that Listary shows local files first and then global but it’s still a confusing annoyance and it’s not easily clear when the local results end and the global results begin unless you take time to look at the path for each individual item which is in small print and overall just a bad experience. I find this most annoying when i’m checking to see if a particular file exists in a certain file structure, and it turns out it does not. And that’s fine, the knowledge that the file does not exist is valuable. However, Instead I get a huge list of results and it take a moment to realize none of them are relevant because it’s looking in different locations.

I can see multiple posts about this topic going all the way back to 2014 but for some reason the dev seems intent on the current functionality being more than sufficient. I’m sorry but it’s just not and this would definitely be a worthwhile feature and based on the number of views on similar topics it seems there is a demand for this type of feature.


Personally, I would like to see and option to allow default search to be a local search (current and sub folder search) or global search (they way it works now) depending on your preference. Furthermore, as many have suggested before allowing some sort of hotkey to toggle local or global search would also be a great addition. But personally I would like this as a secondary option in addition to the first as personally I never care for global searches and it would be an annoyance to have to type some special character before every search I do.

However, seeing as the dev keeps putting the issue off I imagine it may not be as simple to implement as one would think, so I would like to make one more suggestion that would be extremely helpful and hopefully easier to implement. What if you make it so that any items that appear in search that are not local have a grey or inverted background color. This way there is a very obvious visual indicator of if the files your looking at are local or not.

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Thanks for your suggestion. Changing the background color or adding some color labels depending on a result’s location should work. I’ve added it to my to-do list.

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Sweet, I look forward to seeing it in a future update.

Great news! I love Listary and will easily shell up for a pro license when this is out. Any ETA on this feature? Want someone to test? :grin: