Roaming\Microsoft not displayed as sub of fav menu

Hi Channing,
I have my user folder in the favorites menu.
When I follow the arrow to the right to browse down into the submenus I find AppData, then Roaming. However, inside Roaming, the Microsoft folder is not displayd (the other subfolders are all displayd). In a full file manager the Microsoft folder is there, but not in the subfolder listing of the fav menu.
Ideas? Thx, autocart

BTW, listary is great! Thank you for developing it!

You will find that this folder is marked as System folder
and it looks like Listary doesn’t display any folder with this attribute.
There is for example also a system folder “Common” with this attribute in your roaming.

Yes, this is the right reason. Listary doesn’t list files and folders with system attribute.

I see, thx for the info to both of you.

Still, why? In my example, I wanted to navigate to the “Signatures” folder which is a subfolder of the “Microsoft” folder.
This is a normal folder and can be a quite important and totally legit folder to navigate to.

Would it not make more sense to, at least, use the setting from within Windows Explorer? Because, really, does it make sense for Windows Explorer to display this folder and for Listary to not display it?

Thx for reading.

OK, I’ll make a change to let Listary respect your system setting.

I think that will be great. Thank you!

I think it would be better to have a separate option inside the Listary. It gives more granular control over the system features.