Right arrow BAD

VERY impressed with Listary overall. It has a significant place in my workflow.

By far the biggest annoyance is that the right arrow is the only way to activate the commands, once you choose a path. That you are required to completely move your right hand around five inches TWICE (to the arrow, then back to its main position on the letters) EACH time you use Listary. It’s really annoying.

I love the options it provides, but I really wish, once I’ve chosen the path (I mostly use Listary to find folders), that I could just press

  • Enter to access the Action menu (as is currently done with the right arrow)
  • Ctrl+Enter to go to the directory (“Open Folder”)
  • Ctrl+C to copy it (“Copy path to clipboard”)
  • Ctrl+V to copy and then paste the path immediately, and then restore the clipboard (See how I snuck that in there? :smile: )

I hope the new version is easier to use and configure, because the general idea for Listary is amazing, and it’s fast and intuitive.


Thanks for your suggestions!

In the latest version (4.23) you can use Ctrl+O to enter Actions menu. There will definitely be hotkeys for the most common commands in future versions of Listary.

Glad to hear it.

Agree, that is just a hassle especially if you do it a lot.

If you use autohotkey you could create shortcuts for all of those actions.
If i start using listary more I will definitely create some ahk scripts for it.