[Request] UI behavior improvements

[1] Menus that are taller than the screen height currently do not let you scroll with the mousewheel to move up/down the list, but, using the arrow keys works - simply make the mousewheel up/down send arrowkey up/down and then we can use the scroll wheel, would be nice

[2] When toggling check-mark options in the menu or toolbar, please prevent the popup from closing after we toggle the state of something like “Show file extension” or “Show hidden files and folders”, we should be able to toggle them both in a single action

[3] The toolbar should probably have the “Search” faded grey placeholder text when we press the hotkey to bring it up, currently it’s blank until you type something then remove your entry. Also please check that the placeholder text disappears when the edit control does not have focus, and reappears when it regains focus (like we just got done navigating a popup flyout)

[4] Please remove the 3 grey dots which change into 3 icons from the toolbar, and just make the 3 icons there in the first place, moving cursor to the 3 dots only to have the icons move to different locations makes us do two mouse-eye coordination movements to click one button, not as ui friendly as it could be

[5] Consider adding the options icon and currently opened folders icon to the listary toolbar, which will allow us to have the same functionality in terms of buttons in both the popup menu and toolbar interfaces

[6] Consider adding a new default filter “app” that only searches Files with the exe extension, and consider duplicating Video filter to give it another keyword ‘vid’, and do the same thing with Audio giving it a secondary keyword ‘aud’, and secondary keywords for file/folder being fil: and fol:, which would give us standardized 3-letter filters for doc, pic, vid, aud, fil, fol, and app. Helps to not have to remember how long the filter text needs to be if they are all 3 letters.

[7] The icons on the listary toolbar could use tooltips when we hover over them telling us they contain things like Commands icon for the lightning bolt or Recent stuff for the clock icon

[8] This is a big one, but the listary search results would be far superior if it was displayed more like Everything search results by void tools - allowing us to sort by name, path, size, and date modified (and other filters). The date should be formatted to be more compact than Everything, and the path should be truncated if it’s super long, because obviously listary doesn’t take up as much screen space as Everything can, but still, the current interface is very alien and limited compared to voidtools solution - even though listary is better at almost everything else.

Thank you for your feedback!

Mouse wheel support is actually a bug. It would work as expected in the next version.


Sure. I’ll make the change.

I think the placeholder should be visible even if the search box doesn’t have focus. Or maybe I can change it to an icon if it draws too much attention in this case.

Many users don’t use mouse in Listary at all. It’s better to hide those icons by default.

They are on the Commands (3rd thunder button) submenu when you’re using the toolbar.

Filters will support autocompletion soon. So you only need to remember the first 2 or 3 letters no matter how long they are.

Again, a known bug here. Tooltips don’t work in some situations. This should also be fixed soon.

I’m actually designing a full view of search results. It requires some fundamental changes and will take some time.

Hi Channing,

I’ve been waiting for updates for so long, I hope they are coming soon even in beta… I feel that it will be the ultimate solution and I wish if you hire an AI specialist to add some of it to the newest features as it will be of great help.

Thanks for your patience. I’m still working on it.

Every feature of Listary will be more smarter in the next version, especially search result sorting. And I’m indeed considering integrating some basic machine learning algorithms to help.

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