REQ: Excluding Paths/Files

Something I’ve long wanted to see;

When doing a search, then the results show up, I’d like to be able to exclude a path or file right from the results by right-clicking the item, then from the next menu that normally shows, choose “add path to exclude list” or “add file to exclude list”.

It’d be SO much easier than copying it’s path, then opening the options, selecting Index, clicking the respective Exclude button, navigating to the folder or file, then adding it to the list. Which also brings me to a similar, second request …

when trying to add a folder to the exclude list, it only shows the Folder Select dialog; no way to paste in a path to go instantly to it. So even if I copy the long path to some folder to exclude, I still need to manually drill down through the tree to the folder, which can sometimes be realllly long, and hard to remember. I use Clipmate, which makes viewing the path on the clipboard easier, but it’s still more of a hassle than it needs to be. :slight_smile: Sometimes I can get around it by opening Explorer, pasting the path into the Location bar and Navigating to it, then going back to the Listary Folder Select dialog and it’ll auto-switch to the same folder, but again, more hassle than it needs to be, when a simple right-click menu item in the Listary results to exclude the item, would take me 2 seconds.


Thanks for your suggestions.

  1. There will be Actions to exclude the search result folder and file type directly.
  2. The options UI of Index will also be redesigned in the next major version.
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Is there any update on this?

Right now, when I search for a file, I get a ton of .lnk files in my results. I’d like to exclude these either as an action, or even in the search field, by typing, “-lnk”.

It’ll be supported in the new version.