Remove or move "Add Here" + turn off auto menu pop-up

I’m using Listary Pro 3.51.776, Win7 64 SP1. I have 2 questions.

  1. I’ve got Favorites arranged in submenus, like “Pictures”->“Mine”->“Summer”, etc. When I start typing “Pic…” in the Listary toolbar (Win-W) the Favorites list drops down with “Pictures” highlighted. I hit Enter and the “Pictures” submenu opens up with “Mine” being the first in the list. I’d like to simply hit Enter to select “Mine”, but when I hit enter “Add Here” gets selected. Can I either remove the “Add Here” option or move it to the bottom of the list so that I could quickly get through first entries in submenus just by hitting Enter repeatedly? I don’t really use “Add Here”, as I’ve got my Favorites set up.

  2. When I move my mouse over one of the three buttons in the toolbar (Favorites, Recent, Options) the relevant menu pops up instantly which I find a bit intrusive. Is there an option to turn off this auto pop-up behavior so that I can open the menu the old-fashioned way, by clicking on the button?


Thanks for your feedback.

  1. I’ll let Listary select the “real” first entry by default when you activate a submenu via keyboard.

  2. A switch for this is on the plan.

They should both be available in Listary 4. I’ll keep you posted about the new version.