Recent Files not working for Save Dialog

Hello again. IDK if it’s as intended or if it’s an error.

In Open Dialog it works fine, if I click a file in Recent Menu that file is immediatelly opened. But for Save Dialog, nothing happens.

I suppose you don’t wanna overwrite a file without any confirmation. But I’d expect that the dialog would move to its folder and fill the filename, so I’d be ready to click Save button.

Listary supports save dialogs. I guess the save dialog you tested is not standard. Does it look similar to the open dialog?

Recent menu is the same in both dialogs. Open dialog is closed when I click a item in Recent Files. But Save dialog does nothing at all when the same file is clicked.

I tested it with plain old Notepad:

  1. open folder1\file1.txt
  2. open folder2\file2.txt
  3. use Listary to open folder1\file1.txt
  4. enter Save As and use Listary to save to folder2\file2.txt > dialog remains in folder1 and nothing happens.

Win7 Win64 SP1.

Thanks for the information. I’ll test it.