Questions on Listary 4 beta

Hi Channing,
I love Listary 4 beta, especially its own the disk search! Great work!

But still some questions below (on win7 x64):

The toolbar position cannot be changed, it’s always on the bottom right corner when I type on Desktop.
And that will be a problem as I use multi monitors (my main monitor is on the left).
Will the toolbar position be fixed on the first monitor or the top left corner in the future?

What’s the function of the nail icon? (The one next to the favorite icon)
I thought that clicking on it, the relative file can be on top of the list.
But when I search the same file next time, the nail icon is not clicked and the file is not on top, seems like nothing’s changed.

I hope that when I search the file, I can open it’s path folder but not only the file itself. (Just like Everything)

Sorry for my poor English…Hope I’ve made my words clear…

And one more problem:
The search result list cannot be scrolled, and we need to press the arrow key to select.
Hope the problems can be fixed. Thanks again for the new version as a big x’mas gift!

Hello zytedwards,

Thank you very much for your feedback!

1 & 4.These features will be added soon.

2.Sorry that this functionality is incomplete now. When I finish it, it will work exactly as you described.

3.A feature called Actions will be introduced in the next few releases. Select an entry in search results list and press right arrow key, the search results list will become a context menu for the selected item, containing something like Open folder, Copy path to clipboard, etc.

Thanks for your quick response, Merry Christmas to you Channing!