Predefined hot key (Ctrl + Alt + C) causes a problem while naming files in Polish

Hello everyone,

I just want to point out, that one of the predefined hot keys (in this case it is Ctrl + Alt + C hot key, which shows C drive content) causes a problem for everyone, whose Windows’ default language is Polish. That is because the ‘Ć’ letter is obtained by pressing AltGr + C, which seems to cause exactly the same effects as Ctrl + Alt + C keyboard shortcut. Accordingly, having Listary running I cannot rename any file using that letter since I’m moved to the C drive destination instead.

Thanks in advance for taking it into your consideration. :slight_smile:

Hello falconepl,

Thank you very much for the feedback. Ctrl + Alt + C will no longer be set as a default hot key in the new version. Is there any other key combinations I should notice? Thanks.

Actually, I haven’t spotted any problem with other key combinations. Nevertheless, if I notice any, I will point it out here.

For future testing, here’s list of letters that might conflict as they can be accented with AltGr:
a c e l n o s x z
And also: u (Euro).

Could anyone fix links in the first post? They redirect to this discussion.


It seems I need to drop all Ctrl + Alt hot keys. Fortunately this is not a big problem since these hot keys are only used to open drive letters.

P.S. links fixed.