Please add a feature: save_and_open

Please add a feature that to save and then open a file.
When users surf the internet and find a file, many of them like to save the file to local and then **open ** it.
Now they have to navigate to the destination folder when saving the file
Then . navigate to the destination folder to open it.
Navigation carried twice!!

Can you add a feature like this:
When the save and save-as window is at top-most, using Listary navigate to the destination folder.
Press {enter} just to save the file.
Press ctrl+ {enter} to save and open the file.
This would cut navigation times to only once.

btw: Adding a feature --press a combination of keys like Ctrl+Alt+. to trigger global search – would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for your suggestion! It’s interesting but I’m afraid not many people need it. I’ll not implement it directly. However, I do have a similar feature on my to-do list. It allows users to access new files on your computer (just saved or downloaded) much more easily.

Could you provide more details? What is the difference between this hotkey and the default Win+S (or Win+G) hotkey coming with Listary?


If you use Firefox as your browser - you can use this extension to directly open downloaded files