Option where to store DiskSearch.db (important for portable mode)

Hi there,

there’s one big problem with using Listary in PortableMode (i sync my portable Apps via Dropbox):

The Search Index (and maybe the history is a problem too) is synced between the computers, which doesnt make sense since they have different files on the harddisk. It would be great if I could choose where to put those index files!

(I guess that I could fix it with creating a symlink, but this wouldn’t be a straightforward process for most people)


I have the same problem. So I have to disable the history and cache function. One more problem is the probable version does not need license if you sync it to another computer via dropbox (though, someone may like it)

I’m afraid there is one problem here: if the path is stored and synced, DiskSearch.db must have exactly the same path on all your computers.

Yes, that’s true, but would still fix that issue since one could choose a path that is not automatically synced.

For this case, maybe you can also consider to generate multiple “user data” folder. Each folder associates with a license and an individual account?

May I suggest another solution?

As the search db and the history db only really make sense for a specific computer, why not just append ‘%ComputerName%’ to the corresponding file names?


This way the preferences could stay the same for all computers (in contrary to having multiple ‘UserData’ folders). Dropbox users just have to make sure their computers actually have different names, and other users won’t be bothered at all.

Additionally (or as an alternative to the above) I think a couple of users would appreciate to not store the search db and/or the history db to disk at all (slow writing speeds on USB drives, limited storage on cloud service, security concerns, etc.). E.g. by two check boxes ‘Purge search db on exit?’ and ‘Purge history on exit?’.

For your consideration.

This way , using %computername%, it will look itself for the right computername instead of fixed path. This way it doesn’t matter where the computername is…

Great idea! I’ll use this solution.

Came here to suggest this too as I also use it via DropBox, using %COMPUTERNAME% is a great solution.

Would be a great feature.
And the idea is great too.

Cool! Looking forwards to the new version coming along with this solution!!

Thanks! Yes, this should solve the problem !

This is still puzzling me. I have disabled disksearch.
However, the following files are still different between places.
When can this be solved please?

I’m working on this now. The fix should be available in Listary 5.

I think there is another problem. Even if these files do not conflict between/among places, the database file (DiskSearch.db) will still be uploaded frequently, which will prevent itself from being modified when syncing to the cloud. And I think the database should be stored locally. So would it be possible to configure it to be stored in %APPDATA% or somewhere? Then ppl can choose where to store it, or there are multiple locations to search for it.

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. Using %APPDATA% is exactly what the installer version of Listary does. Maybe simply switching to it is a better idea.

May I ask why you guys want to sync Listary settings? Most of the settings are computer dependent (favorites, history, disk search index, etc.)

I do NOT want to sync computer dependent settings. I only want to sync the program itself.

Then the solution is very simple. Just delete portable.dat in Listary folder, then Listary will use %APPDATA%.

right. only one thing, log files are still in collision,