Open Multiple files in photoshop with ctrl-o

I found out via your tutorials that i can load images selected in explorer directly into photoshop cs6 via the open dialog box and ctrl-o.

This works, but photoshop cs6 normally can open multiple selected files.

When i use ctrl-o, it opens only the first file selected, not the other files selected as well.
Would it be possible to let ctrl-o open all the selected files and load them into photoshop cs6? This would be normal behavier for photoshop cs6.

If you select multiple files via the open dialog box, it will open all the selected files in photoshop cs6.

Hope you can add/fix this.




I’ve added this to my to-do list with a low priority.

Ok, Thanks!

+1 for this feature. You should be able to select & open multiple files by SHIFT + arrow up/down in the list.