Multiple Instances of explorer.exe? Normal?

I’m using the latest version of Listary with Windows 7 64. I notice that every time I open a folder using Listary, a new instance of explorer.exe appears in the Task Manager Process list. For example, I just opened three separate folders using Listary, so there are four instances of explorer.exe running. When I close the three folders, it takes about 30-40 seconds for those extra instances to disappear from Task Manager.

My question is: Is this normal behavior? Should I be concerned?


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Weird, indeed. I think this also causes a problem I wanted to point out, so I’ll put it here.

I’m using a QTTabBar plugin that adds tabs to your Windows Explorer, but even when I set an option to capture new explorer processes (which should pretty much make QTTabBar single-instance) it opens up new Explorer windows when I open them via Listary. And the QTTabBar doesn’t even register the newly created process as normal explorer.exe process.

When I open them manually, they’re captured as tabs, but Listary must be somehow going around the normal instantiation, I don’t know.

This multiple explorer.exe issue might be connected.

Thanks for the feedback. This is fine indeed, but I think I can tweak this in the next version.

Thanks, Channing!

I’m not clear that my question was answered: Is it normal to have multiple instances of explorer.exe, one for each explorer window?

Yes, it is normal. In fact this is the only way to open an Explorer window with a file selected.