More shortcut keys + autonumbering / live filter

Hi Channing,

a few more feature requests:

  • Please add the option to invoke items like “Recent”, “Currently Opened Folders”, “Smart” and “Options” from the Listary popup menu (after pressing Win + Q by default) with a single “& character”. Like “r” for “Recent” or “o” for “Options”, etc. This would allow us to use the keyboard for all popup menu entries*. Atm after using Win + Q I have to switch to the mouse to get to the Recent items submenu.
  • Not for all entries but at least for the ones on the first hierarchy.
  • What I like to see as well is a live filter for the popup menu. E.g. the user defines a favorite subfolder (let’s say it’s called "D:" with all his favorite folders for a special drive. Giving all these entries a special hotkey char (with & in front of it) doesn’t make much sense when there are two many entries in this subfolder.
    The live filter could fold / unfold the list of entries depending on what is typed in.
    This would be extremely useful for the “Recent” folder as well, because it can contain a lot of entries.
    Of course this feature would need a small live filter box right under the popup menu to get the visual feedback of what the user types.

  • Last thing (tightly connected to the last wish):
    Autonumbering entries. Let’s take the “Recent” submenu. Depending on the amount of entries Listary could place a number in front of all entries (sorted from top to down). Ofc only as an option if the user likes to use this feature! The logic is simple:
    – The submenu contains 9 items or less = one digit number (1, 2, …, 9)
    – 10 items up to 99 = two digit number (01, 02, …, 99)
    – etc.

Let’s assume I have a max. of 30 entries configured for the recent list and it contains atm 25 entries.
I’d call the Listary popup menu with Win + Q, type “r” (for Recent), take a quick look at the autorenumbered list and type 05 for the fifth entry and return to invoke it. The alternative way would have been: Collapse all entries to a (few) desired ones by typing in a part of their path name (through the live filter box). Easy, extremely fast and the user can use his keyboard to do such things without being forced to switch to his mouse.


Hello Highend,

Thank you very much for your suggestions!

-1 This has already been implemented in version 4. In the new version toolbar and popup menu are both fully configurable so you can set & to any entry as needed.

-2 I’m working on a new search results popup. It should fulfill your needs. Let’s give it a try first :wink:

-3 Items in the new search results list will be auto numbered as Ctrl + 0 to 9. I’ll add more if it’s necessary.

Hi Channing,

nice to see that you’re working so hard to improve it :slight_smile:

-3 Mh, I hate the Ctrl key… :slight_smile: and it probably doesn’t work that good if there are more than 10 entries (or do want the user to hold the ctrl key and input e.g. “11” to select that item)? But let’s see how this feature evolves when it comes out.

<- Still interested in a beta version to provide early feedback about these kind of improvements (if you like ofc)…