Mapped Network Drive

I’m seeing a couple posts about mapped network drives not working with listary? I’m confused because my network drive was working just fine before. Now I’ve gotten a new hard drive and after reinstalling listary I can’t path to my network drive. Why would this be?

Aaaaaand, now all the sudden it seems to be working fine. Not sure what changed. I’ve been swapping out hard drives to get old files doing restarts etc. and now all the sudden it’s working fine on my mapped drive.

That said, my coworker is still having the issue and since I don’t know what I did to fix it, the issue is still out there.


Sorry that disk search (subfolder search) can’t support mapped network drives, but find-as-you-type can.

Ah, the thread I found must have been referring to Disk Search. Actually that’s not my issue. My issue is that I would do an Add Here for a folder, say L:/Resources/2D. It would verify my path and name and then when I middle mouse click to open Listary the path would show up with a triangle and exclamation point designating an invalid path. This happened to both me and my coworker after recently swapping from HD’s to SSD’s.

Like I said, mine is now working although I’m not sure what fixed it, however my coworkers is still not working.


Get it now. I’m working on it.