Making sub-menus open by hovering anywhere on a menu item

I find the way normal Windows menus work (hover anywhere on a menu item and the sub-menu flies out) a lot easier to work with than Listary’s way of opening the sub-menus (hovering over the menu edge). Would it be possible to enable this?

Hello Tracy,

It worked the same way as normal Windows menus at first, but there was a performance issue here. It may take a long time to load all subfolder entries, and it’s easy to activate some submenus accidentally if the whole menu is set as hover area, so Listary will just hang there for one or two seconds unexpectedly as you move your mouse.

I may change it back as the performance issue will be resolved in Listary 4.

Thanks Channing. Please try and do that, at least as an option so users can decide which way suits them best. It’s a bit of target practice at the moment. :slight_smile: Looking forward to Listary 4.

Along the same lines, I might suggest that as the new frames appear for the lists, they keep a single direction for their momentum. For example, the way it is now, if the Listary menu is near the right-edge of the screen (as happens when it opens relative to the listview), it may have room for one menu - however, when the next branch occurs, (in the standard fashion) it “reverses” and opens back to the left. This is fine (after all, where else could it go?) - except that if you keep drilling down into a path, it keeps bobbing back and forth to the right again then back to the left and you end up with a jumble of overlapping frames dribbling down the right side of the LCD like a drooling baby.

I suggest that once it “hits” the right side of the screen, it “bounces” back to the left, and then (if necessary) keeps going to the left for subsequent frames so the tree can branch openly to the left (as it would now to the right, when there’s sufficient space.)

Obviously keep the convention of opening to the right first, but just allow it to reverse naturally when needed.

Hello Kilmatead,

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll fix it in the next version.