Long Paths/Pathnames Make "Recent" Function Useless, Now Reappearing in Listary 4


I’ve just upgraded from v. 3 Pro to v. 4 Pro. I’m experiencing a problem that was a big issue for me in earlier releases of v. 3, but was later fixed, only now to recur in v. 4. I use fairly long pathnames, as pretty much anyone does with Windows if their My Documents folder is in the standard “Documents and Settings” folder.

The pathnames are so long, with so many subfolders, that I can’t see the file name at the end. It’s outside the box. Please, please find a way of truncating the pathnames. Otherwise, the recent function remains useless.

Or am I missing something? If so, please advise.

Thanks for a great program!!

Sorry for the inconvenience. This will be fixed very soon.

Good news. Thanks! LN

This appears now to have been implemented. Excellent! Thanks.