Would it be possible to enter a path into the ListarySearchBox to make the open/save dialog navigate to that location (like how v3 did)?

Thanks, Steve

Sure! An improved version of this feature will be available soon.

Great. Thanks. Happy New Year!

how to turn off search box from desktop? There is no ‘close’ button or smth.


Press ESC.

To disable Listary on desktop permanently, go to Listary Options - By Window Type, select Desktop on left, then uncheck Find as you type on right.

ESC did not close the box. I unchecked “Find as you type” - still there. I unchecked entire “Desktop” - nothing, still there.


How did you activate Listary on desktop? Could you please upload a screenshot of Listary on desktop?

I don’t remember how I activated but now it glued to that place for good, whatever I do.


Go to Listary Options - By Window Type, select Desktop on left, then change Always show to Show on hot key (on top of the right panel).

ok, it disappeared … but reappeared after I maximized any window from the taskbar, browser for example. So I guess it will stay there for a while, so be it, whatever :slight_smile:

ok, not browser caused reappearance but total commander window!


I recommend you to keep the default settings in By Window Type unless you know exactly what you’re doing…

To reset all your settings to default, exit Listary, rename Preferences.json in UserData folder of ListaryBeta to something else.

appearance of listary search box on my desktop depends on total commander. When TC is running, search box is displayed on desktop. When I turn off search box in TC window, it disappears from desktop as well. Kind of bug?


Seems that the Always show setting doesn’t play well with non-file-dialogs. I’ll try to fix it.


I’ll remove this setting in next version. Please simply use mouse middle click (just click your middle mouse button anywhere in TC), it’s much faster than clicking the always shown toolbar.

ok, thank you!