Listary isn't updating index of the VeraCrypt volumes that are mounted after its start

I have several VeraCrypt encrypted volumes on my system. They are mounted after logon(VeraCrypt window pops up and I type in my password) and after Listary starts, and the problem is while Listary adds them to NTFS volumes without an issue it does not index them. In order to index them I have to manually restart Listary.

Steps to reproduce:
**1.**Set Listary to start when Windows Starts.
2. Start windows and ensure that Listary is running.
3. Mount an encrypted volume with VeraCrypt.
4. Check if files and folders located on that volume are shown in the search results.

Currently Listary only loads the drive list when it starts. I understand that it’s important to support these dynamically added drives (removable devices, encrypted volumes, etc.) and will implement it in the new version.

Thanks a lot. :relaxed:

While I can solve this problem by some scripting it is definitely better for Listary to support this internally.