Listary GUI in way & does not disappear when clicking file manager window

Hi, hope you can help/advise…
a. I’m used to typing a few characters in a file manager pane and the relevant entry being highlighted. If I run Listary, its results GUI

  • may completely obscure the file manager pane (depending on window size etc).
  • is often completely unnecessary
  • does not disappear if I click on the item in the file manager window (often part hidden by Listary’s results GUI).
    b. I would like…
  • an option to not display the results list (at all?)
  • the results GUI to vanish when I click on the file manager GUI

I’m using explorer and XYplorer (as default file manager). The path to XYplorer is set in Listary.
My primary interest is in using Listary for folder favorites and recent files, as (e.g.) Foldermenu and FileBox Extender do not integrate with XYplorer, whose author has specifically made XYplorer compatible with Listary.

I’m probably missing something blindingly obvious, so apologies in advance. I’ve read thru a few posts, but not been able to find an answer (probably already given)…



  1. Open Listary Options - By Window Type.
  2. Select XYplorer.
  3. Uncheck Find as you type.
  4. Click OK.

Thanks… silly… hadn’t realised those options were per application.