Listary "fixed" to the mouse when active in winXP-mode in Win7

Hello, I have listary Pro (latest version) and am very content with it.
Problem: When I have Virtual PC (Win XP-Mode) open, Listary is always in the way, quasi fixed / bound to the mouse.
I have to exit Listary to be able to be active with my mouse in Win XP-Mode-Window.

I do NOT expect Listary to be compatible within XP-Mode in Win 7! It simply should be inactive within the Win XP-Mode-Window…
I have Win 7 Ultimate x64


Sorry for the inconvenience. I will look into this problem and see what I can do. I’ll post updates here.

thank you!


Sorry for the delay in responding, but I could not reproduce the bug on my system (also Win 7 Ultimate x64). As you can see in the following screenshot, I ran a IE 6 window in XP mode on Win 7 with Listary running in background, and it worked great.

Could you please tell me what I am dong wrong and the detailed steps to reproduce the bug? Thanks!

Thank you very much…
But in your Picture I do not see the window open called “Windows XP Mode - Windows Virtual PC”!?
I tried to make a screenshot of my situation. My problem: I do not get rid of the Listary-Menu! And that blocks my mouse…
To reproduce that: Have a “Virtual PC-Windows XP-Mode” open activate the Listary-Menu AND then you get not rid of it!
Other Scenario, I just tested: I exit Listary manually, I exit Windows XP Mode, I start Listary, then I start Windows XP Mode again – so far no Problem. Then I go to start Word of Windows (within Win7) and activate Listary, then leave the Word-Window and go into the “Windows XP Mode - Windows Virtual PC”-Window AND Listary Menu is OPEN (although I did not activate the listary menu!) and blocks working within the Virtual PC-Window.

To my feeling Listary menu should be blocked within the Virtual PC-Window…
I hope I could explain so you could understand…?


Thank you for the information. I get what you mean now: Listary menu could not hide automatically as expected.

To reproduce that: Have a "Virtual PC-Windows XP-Mode" open activate the Listary-Menu AND then you get not rid of it!
Sorry that I still can't reproduce the bug following these steps: 1. Open a "Windows XP Mode - Windows Virtual PC" window. 2. Activate Listary menu using a hot key (set in Listary Options > Keyboard and Mouse > Show popup menu). 3. Click anywhere else besides Listary menu. The menu can't hide on your system, but it worked just well on mine...

I will run more tests against this bug and will post any updates here.

But in your Picture I do not see the window open called "Windows XP Mode - Windows Virtual PC"!?
It's called seamless mode. You can launch one (or more) particular application in XP mode in Windows 7 directly.

Thank you!
New for me is the seamless mode (I have win7 on my computer for 1 month now).
Perfekt - in this mode NO problem with listary. I learnt something new from you. Thank you.

My Problem is, when I have the “Windows XP Mode - Windows Virtual PC”-DESKTOP in front of me. On my picture you should see the Window Desktop of Windows XP-Mode, open within the xp-mode-Desktop is the "Editor"
SO within the Desktop-Modus of windows XP-Mode Listary cannot hide!