Listary favorites doesn't open sub menus?

Hi Channing,

I’ve been using Listary for a long time now on XP and recently moved to Win7. I have a NAS and I use CIFS/SAMBA and mount a share drive, mapped to Z.
I added Z:\Media to the Listary menu. Unlike on XP, when I open the Listary menu it doesn’t offer the ‘>’ when I mouse over ‘Media’. I also tried adding UNC path (\\Volume_1\Media - the result is the same (screenshot below).
The Downloads folder in the screenshot is the default, local, download folder in Win7, and it seems to behave just as I remember from XP.
Clicking on those Media favorites works fine and opens the correct folder.

Is it some Win7 UNC/security thing? missing feature in v4.x? Something else?

A screenshot: !(

I’m running Listary 4.01.1191 on Win7 x64.

Updating to the latest beta (v4.01.1237) seems to fix/add that feature for SAMBA mapped network drives.

UNC paths still doesn’t work, but that’s not too bad. I guess UNC paths makes sense if you use portable Listary on a thumb drive and move around a lot between computers and would like quick access to network shares without mapping them first.

So, unless it’s technically impossible/impractical - it might make sense as a pro feature.
One more, related, pro feature I thought of - support multiple favorite menus somehow. This allows having a separate home/work favorites on a thumb drive.

It seems like it sometimes doesn’t work with CIFS/SAMBA. It now happened to me that, again, I didn’t see that ‘>’.
I think it happened because I opened the Listary menu rather quickly after I logged-in. Like in the image I posted above, instead of the folder icon there were yellow triangle icons with ‘!’ in them.

Restarting Listary solved it.
I looked at the log after restarting but there was nothing that seemed relevant. I think the restart overwrote it.

If there’s anything I can to do help please let me know.

Hello smurf781,

Please check this post:

Thank you, Channing.
I read that other thread you pointed me as well as the KB937624, and try it next time it happens and report back.
(it actually happened, again, when I started my PC today. I restarted Listary to work around it).

Edit: OK, I tried the workaround suggested in the MS KB article but it didn’t help: I opened a command prompt and used the following command:

C:\Users\Me>net use \MY-NAS\Volume_1 /user:Me
Local name
Remote name \MY-NAS\Volume_1
Resource type Disk
Status OK

Opens 6

Connections 2

The command completed successfully.

And still Listary isn’t showing ‘>’ and the icons are a ‘!’ yellow triangle next to every favorite pointing to the network share Z:

So, maybe it’s something else?

OH NOOOOO. Microsoft updated the article recently and the original and working workaround had been removed.

Here is the archived page:

Note that ‘>’ may still not appear for UNC paths, but mapped network drives should work well now.

I’ll try that a bit later when I have the time to read through the KB article and understand the implications of what I’m doing.
Meanwhile I noticed something strage.
While this is going on, if I middle-click the desktop and select a favorite that’s on Z - it opens it without a problem.
If I middle click an existing windows explorer window and select the same favorite on Z - nothing happens.

Z, being that mapped drive that’s on my home NAS.
Is it, somehow, related? sheds some more light on what’s going on?

The workaround in the link above will also fix this strange behavior which has been confirmed to be a bug of Windows.

I don’t know if it’s already fixed but I think that you can drop your current mapping and create a new one with a command prompt with Administrator permissions, then the mapping you’re creating will be the same as the Administrator’s group permissions, so any app will see it (if it has enough privileges)

Sorry for the late response.
It’s fixed in v4.02.1360 (possibly sooner).
Just need to uncheck run as administrator under Options->General.
Thanks, Channing.

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